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Brands Purse Forum Roundup 17

Welcome to the PurseForum Roundup! For most of us, summer is well underway,leather handbags designer sale, and we are seeing lots of fresh colors and summery outfits across the PurseForum. This week, we stop in Health and Fitness for some exercise motivation, look at some pretty shoes, and get very surprised by some bargain hunters!
Christian Louboutin Anemone Feather Pumps
For the last couple of weeks, we toured the Premier Designers subforums searching for reveals from A-Z. While we were busy doing that, Christian Louboutin lovers were busy, too. We caught up with them this week and found two UGH reveals. “UGH,” in PurseForum parlance, stands for Ultimate Holy Grail – in other words, the ones you cannot live without. First up, Caitle and her gorgeous Calypso reveal, followed by dirtyaddiction’s sky-high 150mm Very Mix beauties. The shoes stopped the show, but the price stopped our hearts in this feathery reveal from mularice, and we’ll be watching for modeling shots of these terrific Anemone Plumes!
Did you know we have some very talented gardeners at the PurseForum? We do! They meet in the Home and Garden subforum to share tips and photographs in the Garden Photographs thread and show off their homegrown crops (fresh basil, anyone?). Recently, leatherholic delighted us with her beautiful country garden and we’re enjoying watching it blossom. Iris lovers will love No Cute’s posts from this season, too. Everyone is welcome, so please drop in and get some garden inspiration! Oh, and speaking of inspiration, LadySarah is hard at work gathering swatches and input for her new decorating project, and it looks like it will be amazing!
Alexander Wang Rockie Bag
Over in Handbags and Purses, the theme of the week was Decision Making, and it’s not too late to chime in with your opinions! FashionFan0324 is torn between the Chole Paraty or YSL Classic Chyc Cabas, while Swingtime is trying to select between a Céline Mini Luggage and Givenchy Antigona. The latter is a tough choice, and members are split right down the middle at the moment. Meanwhile, Babejanxd has four bags on her mind and needs help narrowing the field. Also, congratulations to Mentha, who finally wrapped up her February poll this week and selected a bag – you will have to visit her thread to see which one! We hope you will drop by and lend a hand to those in need of opinions!
In the subforum’s Recent Purchase thread, those who have no trouble deciding have been posting up a storm, and we were quite taken with tatertot’s beautiful grey Antigona posing so prettily outdoors, and Sculli’s luscious green Alexander Wang.
Viktor and Rolf DOLLS Exhibit
Roundup readers know we love a bargain. This week, we stopped in the Secondhand Bargains thread and nearly fainted when we saw what wildfury scored. You will definitely want to be sitting down for this. After that, you probably want to stay seated for Pao9′s similarly fabulous find on the same page.
While browsing through the finds and getting vicarious thrills from the bargains, we stumbled on something very special to share with our Roundup fans: Ladyash was kind enough to post some very special photographs from the Viktor & Rolf DOLLS exhibition, and honestly, they are absolutely wonderful! You never know what you will find in the Secondhand Bargains thread, but it is always a pleasure to stop in and join the party.
Well, they started with squats and now they have added crunches and pushups! We are talking, of course, about the 30-Day Squat Challenge in Health and Fitness. Are you in? There is definitely room for more participants in this grueling thread. Squatters and crunchers can find some great music ideas in the Workout Music thread. Also, confession is good for the soul in the Today I Have to Forgive Myself thread, though truthfully, reading the indulgences makes us a little hungry. Time to head to the Health Snacks thread in the Kitchen! Lots of great suggestions in there, thank goodness!
We hope you have enjoyed this week’s Roundup. We want to thank you for all the positive feedback on the Roundup, and look forward to more fun threads to share with you. Have a splendid weekend and be sure not to miss the Super Moon. check your local sources for moonrise time, it is going to be spectacular. Happy Friday!

Another week has flown by, and it’s time to round up some reveals and conversations from the Purse Forum. We love spring, and our members certainly love spring shopping, and why not? This week, we started out with some instant reveals in a few of our favorite subforums and spent some time in Louis Vuitton and Bottega Veneta, too. Thanks for spending this May afternoon with us!


xMsxPhantasyx starts us off this week with a pretty pink Sac Du Jour from St. Laurent. This reveal has something for everyone, including a terrifically useful peek at what fits inside this beauty! Visit this reveal thread to see it all, including how this color, Rose Claire, looks in different light.


We found a quick and sweet reveal in Jewelry this week. (More specifically, in Van Cleef & Arpels.) Tulip2 beat Van Cleef & Arpels’ price increase and picked up this stunning Butterfly in pink gold, and we had to share. PurseForum members across the board never fail to share intel on the latest pricing trends and the teamwork pays off.


We love teeny tiny stuff, and this is just the ticket. Another instant reveal, this time fromProenza Schouler: the PS11 Tiny from dragonette. These tiny bags may not be the most useful things in the world, but we love them, and this black-on-black version is exceptionally sleek and stylish. Also, the PS1 Mini is out, and our members are breaking it down in this lively thread. We are sure a reveal is not far behind!


If you love little bags but, like us, end up buying big ones, you will enjoy this reveal from Peter_89, whose Tobacco suede XL PS1 looks ready to handle (and carry) anything!


And Sferics got a new tote and shoes! We love these shoes.


Here’s another quick reveal, this time from Gucci. The bee-utiful Caleido Web Tote comes to us from lovethe1urwith, who loves this unusual bag (and she is not the only one)! The sweet pattern and suede interior make this a winner in our book. 1Kellygirl is contemplating a purchase, and the popular and adorable Disco is in the running. Tune in here to see how this conversation is going.


Our favorite thread in Gucci right now has to be the Tian Collection thread. This hummingbird comes to us from rafafaa’s Tian pochette, and isn’t it fabulous? You can find shoes, bags and small leathers goods galore in this thread. Dextersmom treated us to her new tote, too.


It’s wicked hot in Roundup land today, and new_to_lv’s gorgeous Bottega Veneta Veneta lounging by the pool is just the ticket. This beauty is from the What Bottega Veneta are You Carrying Today thread, and we sure wish we were carrying that one (and sitting by that pool)!


We found a man bag! We love when we get to see what the men of tPF have going on, and this smart bag is from tenKrat, who shared that her husband ditched his nylon sport bagfor this splendid BV Messenger upgrade. Congratulations, Mr. TenKrat!


TraceySH has been considering a couple of Louis Vuitton purchases and started a thread on Unique Seasonal and Rare LV, and we have quite a hit on our hands. Whether you are a die-hard LV fan or new to the brand, you will enjoy the variety here. Vinbenphon1’s Mini Lockit Fusion is one of the most unusual bags in the thread, but there are quite a few other eye-catching pieces to ponder.


Oh, and in case you are wondering, it all turned out great for our thread-starter TraceySH.She selected the GO-14, and, of course, we all know two bags are better than one. Drop into Louis Vuitton to see what else is going on in our busiest subforum. Like this thread, which proves that what goes on in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas, especially if PurseForum members are shopping in Sin City.


Thank you for dropping by the PurseBlog and the PurseForum Roundup. We are off to find a pool, thanks to our visit to Bottega Veneta! We hope you have a delightful weekend and have time for your own kind of springtime relaxation, whatever it may be. (Perhaps in the garden, like Ludmilla from the Garden Photographs thread?) We love spending this time finding bags and conversations to share with you, and look forward to seeing you again right her next week.