Boho Chic Style, Designer Purses And Sunny Days

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Designer purses and Boho Chic

A friend of mine asked me the other day what exactly is Boho Chic style and how to wear it. And the most important, if this style is for all ages. I know I may sound like a shrink but it doesn’t matter how old are you, if you feel young. There are some rules to follow to get this style right, but it has nothing to do with age.

We have to thank Sienna Mille for Boho Chic trend; she was the first one to merge hippie influences and bohemian glamour into a worldwide trend. Boho Chic can be “translated” as earthy tones with bright and powerful colors, like orange, magenta, green and if you are a bold you can even try turquoise. Flowery skirts and shirts, paisley pants, ethnic dresses or any other association between elegant and ultra-casual pieces is a perfect fit.

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Shoes and designer purses: from sandals, espadrilles, moccasins or a pair of suede booties, all is permitted. As for designer purses, you can play with a lot of colors and materials. Flowery cotton purses or even a handmade vintage bag will do the trick. But suede and leather bags, like these Gucci purses are at the top of the list. You can see more detailed photos of these Gucci bags here.

This style doesn’t necessarily mean baggy clothes. You can’t take it to work if you’re a business woman but you can choose one article, like a blouse or trousers and it’s still called Boho Chic. And this style is perfect for spring and summer.

What do you think? Does this style inspire your?

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Louis Vuitton store first fine jewelry flagship in Paris

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During the 2014 autumn and winter Paris couture week, Louis Vuitton, ushered own another major event: Louis Vuitton , the first fine jewelry flagship store louis vuitton outlet locations in Paris, the localtime on July 2, officially settled in the Place Vendome .



Louis Vuitton first fine jewelry flagship store is located in an ancient building was built in the 17th century, the decor was designed by American architect Peter Marino, has laid out simple and sandalwood, dark leather material but the atmosphere of luxury. The store covers an area of 1600 square feet, has two VIP area, a watch display area, fine jewelry designed by the current LV jewelry creative director of Lorentz Bowmer, also have a dedicated display area.


In the 2014 fall and winter couture week in Paris during the Louis Vuitton  released a new jewelry series from the flagship store not far from the Ritz Hotel ,then they will in the Discount Louis Vuitton Outlet , the first fine jewelry flagship store appearance.


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Latest design LV Neverfull limited edition bags

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Do you still looking for about Latest design LV Neverfull limited edition bags, read here , you will found out which you like. lv neverfull price is cheap on this cheapbagworld online store,if you interested ,then you would find out your favourite.

The Japanese art of devil’s Takashi Murakami  join hands with the LV in the United States Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) organized an exhibition featuring Takashi Murakami individuals and works in cooperation with the LV, and launched a number of limited goods for this exhibition.

Takashi Murakami, with the LV cherry bag, cherry handbags and other goods from the 2003 launch success sizzling combination of art and business. This exhibition held in Los Angeles MOCA, the two sides together again, and the exhibition is divided into two parts, First Murakami individual works of art, first, over the years with the New Louis Vuitton goods.

A short-term limited stores, LV specially opened at MOCA Takashi Murakami to design new mushroom boy pattern, the introduction of the 3 mushrooms boy Notepad, in addition to hand-painted LV Neverfull bag and wallet, these goods only in during the exhibition, the LV store at MOCA trafficking.

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Hermes elegant househeld series in pursuit of the high quality of life

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June 15, 2012, the famous French arts and crafts, family brand Hermes in its Beijingoffice located in Beijing Qianmen 23 brands of househeld products media preview event, and announced the establishment of its new househeld in Beijingexhibition space. Househeld series this show a perfect interpretation the Hermes understanding of life and attitudes, highlight the modernity of the brand, followed has always been loyal to the arts and crafts tradition, the pursuit of practicality and comfort values. Househeld, managing director of Ms. Helene DUBRULE, went to the site to witness this series was first released in China.

The househeld department is the 17 departments, but a new member of this large family of furniture and works of art but of life is not a Hermes Hermes latest. 1920s Hermes brochures, the first time in a series of furniture and office supplies; in 1924, designed by the architect and decorative designer Paul Dupré-Lafon Househeld-Valet series of products was born the most famous of which is a multi-functional wooden hangers; 1980s, Hermes launched ceramics, pottery, crystal, silverware, textiles and accessories, revealed the presence in the life of art and entertainment art field; 1987, Hermes working together again to interior design teacher Rena Dumas and Peter Coles, created a nomadic style of Pippa folding furniture, contains a cherished travel brand concept. 2010, Hermes has opened a new chapter of the househeld field, the introduction of Jean-Michel Frank the republication furniture series, more involved in the househeld decorative fabrics, carpets, wallpaper, bedding areas; 2011, with the designer the Enzo Mari, Antonio Citterio and Artistic Director Denis Montel RDAI interior architectural design firms and designers Eric Benque cooperation, the design of new contemporary furniture, Hermes unveiled the Milan International Furniture Fair, which has become an important brand in the history of its household products pen.

Today, Hermes household products covering various aspects of the househeld field, and then to the restaurant and even a balcony from the living room, den, bedroom, workplace, Hermes can offer all the objects needed by a family. To fully demonstrate the Hermes househeld concept, an all-Hermes boutique to create househeld exhibition space came into being. 

Hermes househeld series every product embodies the excellence of the brand design, materials and processes, people can not help but admire the the Hermes dedication to detail and pursuit of the high quality of life.

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Louis Vuitton Replica Handbags: The New Golden Arrow Speedy

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It doesn’t matter how many reissues of the Louis Vuitton Speedy bag we’ll see, people will always love it. It all started in 1930 when the iconic Speedy bag was released as a travel accessory. In the 1960s when the Speedy 25 was designed especially for Audrey Hepburn, fashion women all over the world needed to have this bag.

Louis Vuitton Replica Golden Arrow Speedy Bag

Out of all the redesigned Speedy bags I’ve seen, the Louis Vuitton Golden Arrow is the most versatile. And knowing that I’ll never pay such a huge amount for a handbag, I’m in seven heavens with this gorgeous Louis Vuitton replica Speedy. It looks exactly like the authentic bag; all the details are replicated to perfection.

I compared these replica handbags to the authentic and frankly I am really impressed! It’s really hard to get these new designs right but PV got it pretty close. The canvas is basically identical, the size only off by a few millimeters….No one will ever know! There are many other Louis Vuitton replica handbags available here, at PV, but what better way to start a new year than with a brand new Speedy bag.

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Tote-ally Awesome! Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene Neverfull Replica Handbags

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I’m always looking for new bags to share with you guys, but that doesn’t mean we should ignore the classics! Today I want to take a look at the Damier Neverfull Louis Vuitton replica handbags at PV. Nice big totes are a must for spring, which will be here very shortly!

Replica Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene Neverfull 

These Louis Vuitton replica handbags are available in a few different prints, including Damier Azur and monogram, but the Damier Ebene is my favorite. I think I love it the most because of the lovely contrast between the print and the vibrant red interior, which you can see in this lovely video. You can wear this bag in several different ways, because the leather strings on either side of the bag allow you to adjust its size. This bag tucks under your arm and hangs from your shoulder by two slender leather straps.

Replica Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene Neverfull 

As the weather gets nicer, we all want to spend more time out of the house, and that means we need more stuff with us! I love to walk all over town in spring, and with a bag like this I can bring a book, my shopping, my lunch, and the newspaper – whatever! All while looking fabulous of course. You can see more pictures here!

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