Kourtney Kardashian Shops with a White Givenchy Bag

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Kourtney Kardashian Givenchy Antigona Mini Bag

Here’s Kourtney Kardashian, shopping in the Meatpacking District in NYC, wearing a rather casual ensemble that seems a little reminiscent of something one might see in a Kardashian boudoir. (I like the idea of wearing silk shorts in broad daylight conceptually, but I’m not sure it’ll ever catch on.) Her bag is an adorable Givenchy Antigona Mini Bag with red trim, which is currently on sale for $1,596 at SSENSE. (That’s 30% off the regular retail price of $2,200.)

We just saw Kourtney in the Hamptons last week on TalkShoes, wearing a pair of Stuart Weitzman wedges. Kourtney is the sole remaining Kardashian sister who is without her own edition of “Many Bags,” but while you’re waiting for us to whip that one up, you can take a look at the vast wealth of handbags that her sisters Kim, Khloe and Kylie and Kendall lay claim to.

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Totally Underrated: The Christian Dior Lady Dior Bag

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Dior Lady Dior Bags 4

Not many handbags from world-famous fashion designers fly under the radar even a little bit. Because of the high margins and wide market for luxury accessories, brands push bags to the forefront of global marketing campaigns season after season; even if they fall short of creating an It Bag, those efforts still creative massive public awareness of their bags. Dior has taken a somewhat more measured approach to its pubic image since the advent of creative director Raf Simons, and in the process, remade the staid Christian Dior Lady Dior Bag into a work of art.

If you’ve noticed that you’ve seen fewer Dior bags in stores in the past few seasons, there’s a reason. It wasn’t long ago that a variety of the brand’s bags could be bought online at third-party retailers such as Neiman Marcus and Saks, but Dior has now largely ended its wholesale accessories business, preferring instead to more tightly control the stream of product in ways similar to brands like Chanel and Hermes. Dior bags aren’t sold online at all anymore, and they’re much more difficult to find in stores.

At the same time as the brand has taken its bags out of most of the places where they were once in the public eye, it’s also made them incredibly beautiful. This season, many of the Lady Diors feature gorgeously rendered floral close-ups, as well as beautiful tweed and one particularly majestic exotic. Price information is almost as difficult to come by as the bags themselves. Based on information reported by our Forum members, though, we know that a medium Lady Dior in regular leather will set you back $3,900, while the painted version in the same size will cost $4,400, which gives you an idea of the range we’re dealing with here.

Check out the current season of totally beautiful Lady Dior bags below.

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Christian Louboutin Creates One-of-a-Kind $30,000 Boot for Charity

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Christian Louboutin Bespoke Spiked Boots

It’s a rare opportunity in fashion to own something truly one-of-a-kind, especially from a world-famous brand like Christian Louboutin. When you’re dealing with a company that big, even limited edition pieces are generally made by the dozens, if not hundreds, and there’s always a celebrity, or at least someone who’s fashion-famous, with the same special thing that you have. That’s why the Christian Louboutin Bespoke Spiked Boots are such a unique opportunity – they’ll be the only pair of their kind in the world. Oh, and one other detail – Sotheby’s thinks they’ll sell for $30,000.

These spike-covered, Louboutin-red-all-over boots are part of the (RED) Auction 2013, hosted by Sotheby’s, which includes a range of special fashion and design pieces curated by Apple’s design head Johnny Ive and legendary designer Marc Newson. The auction benefits the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria, and based on some of the estimated gavel prices for the 44 pieces that Ive and Newson picked, Sotheby’s will be sending a heavy contribution in the charity’s direction. The auction also includes a Leica camera estimated to sell for as much as three quarters of a million dollars and a Range Rover that could go for as much as $125,000.

These boots represent the only time I can remember that Louboutin’s famed Spikes have been applied all over to a shoe with this much surface area, and the red-red-red color scheme certainly takes Louboutin’s sexy, edgy aesthetic to its logical extreme. The pitch and heel of the shoe appear to be similar (if not identical) to that of the So Kate Pumps, so these boots are for those who like both extreme prices and extreme heels. Also: be careful crossing your legs, lest you stab yourself.

The boots, which go under the gavel on the evening of November 23 in New York City, will be made-to-measure for their eventual owner. For more information about the Louboutins and the rest of the auction (it includes an Hermes saddle!), head over to Sotheby’s.

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Kesha Looks Polished at the Airport with a Fendi Bag

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Kesha Fendi 2Jours Bag

Kesha was recently spotted at LAX looking rather well put together for someone whose name used to include a dollar sign. She’s carrying a very sophisticated black Fendi 2Jours Bag, customized with her initials. You can grab one for yourself for $2,350 at Nordstrom. This is a completely different Kesha than the one we saw at LAX back in April.

Kesha and her dude pal are traveling with his and hers pastel floral shorts, but don’t let that distract you from Kesha’s completely transparent top. (Though if you’re going fully transparent, that’s exactly the sort of bra you should wear underneath. I approve.) On a related note, lingerie as daywear seems to be trending as of this week – we just saw LA native Kourtney Kardashian flouncing around NYC in this pajama party-appropriate ensemble.

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Best Bags of the Week – July

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eBay Roundup July 2

Welcome to July’s first eBay Roundup. The deals are great this week; we found some unusual pieces, including a beautiful Goyard Saigon, a perfectly simple Louis Vuitton and a sparkly embellished clutch from Alexander McQueen. We also have a lovely Fendi Baguette, and a scrumptious  Chanel jumbo flap and some other surprises. Happy Hunting!

Disclaimer: As always, caution is crucial when buying from third party sellers. Although we strive to find the best auctions to feature, we don’t endorse or guarantee any eBay sellers or auctions, and therefore cannot guarantee the authenticity of any particular piece. For more info, please refer to eBay’s purchasing guidelines and policies.

Chanel Jumbo Flap Bag
Buy It Now for $249

Chanel Jumbo Flap Bag

Alexander McQueen Crystal Embellished Skull Clutch
Buy It Now for $217

Alexander McQueen Embellished Skull Clutch

Gucci Soho Chain Shoulder Bag
Buy It Now for $167

Gucci Soho Chain Satchel

Goyard Saigon Bag
Buy It Now for $187

Goyard Saigon PM Bag

Salvatore Ferragamo Small Sofia Bag
Buy It Now for $197

Salvatore Ferragamo Mini Sofia Bag

Louis Vuitton Portobello Damier Bag
Buy It Now for $167

Louis Vuitton Damier Portobello Shoulder Bag

Proenza Schouler PS1 Bag
Buy It Now for $167

Proenza Schouler PS1 Bag

Bottega Veneta Cabat Tote
Buy It Now for $197

Bottega Veneta Cabat Tote

Jil Sander Tote
Buy It Now for $99

Jil Sander Leather Shoulder Bag

Fendi Baguette
Buy It Now for $175

Fendi Embroidered Baguette Bag

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PurseForum Roundup – July

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Balenciaga City Bags

Happy July! In America, of course, July 4th means picnics, fireworks and red, white and blue. We would like to wish all of our US readers a very happy and safe Independence Day.

The PurseForum reaches far beyond America’s shores, and this week we joined members from far and wide in Dior, Bottega Veneta, The Jewelry Box and more. Come on along with us to see what they have been up to!

Balenciaga City Bags

In Handbags and Purses this week, we paid a long-overdue visit to the 2014 Resolution: Shop in Your Own Closet thread. Occasionally a member will venture outside her closet and make a bag purchase, but overall this contented and supportive group wears and shares bags they already own and love.

This inspiring thread is full of eye candy, and right off the bat we spottedcupcakegirl’s luscious Balenciaga all ready to step right out of her closet. We also found threadstarter eggtartapproved had done a bit of shopping, but what a score! One returned bag yielded several new ones, and egg definitely deserves a thumbs-up!

In Handbags and Purses, in our wonderful thread for Recent Purchases, we regularly find bags not often seen on the PurseForum. On this visit, we ran across Haan’s study in blue from Moynat, Whispersale’s gorgeous vintage YSL, and Buckeye Mommy’s Bottega Veneta Cervoin bleu electric that stole our hearts.


Finding the unusual and out-of-the-ordinary always makes our day, and it’s something we all love to experience on the PurseForum. Our members have such different backgrounds and tastes, and this diversity makes our forum really sing. This week in the Jewelry Box, we happened upon the popular new Real Native American Jewelry thread started by susieserb,whose spectacular coral cuff is pictured here.

This thread features history, famous collections and archival photographs, along with our knowledgable members’ stunning pieces. Our Show Me The Turquoise thread is still going strong, too – in case, like us, you cannot get enough! We would like to extend a sincere thank you to all our members for sharing their treasures with us in these very special threads.


On our way out of the Jewelry Box, we dropped into the Layering and Stacking thread – one of the most active threads in the subforum – and came across einseine’s lovely ensemble above. Another fun thread caught our attention, too – the What Jewelry Are You Wearing Today thread, always interesting and always sparkling (and a great way to get to know our members)!

Bottega Veneta Bags

In Bottega Veneta, we found a double reveal from crazybagfan, who obligingly included updated family photos, too. Teddyraph’s reveal thread should have come with a sunglasses-required alert, because this new fuchsia tote is blinding – her first BV is really a showstopper!

Metallic bags are not always easy to style, and some brands have not hit their stride with executing this sometimes tricky concept. Bottega Veneta has mastered the metallic, as evidenced by this beauty in bronze belonging to chiisaibunny. This thread has a surprise ending, so be sure to keep reading! For more members and their fabulous BVs, please visit the Bottega Veneta in action thread right here.

Dior Diorissimo Bag

We are so excited to share the elegant Diorissimo we found in Christian Dior this week, courtesy of a very excited Sunnie_518. Happily, this bag also comes with an equally beautiful wallet, which you will find in this pretty family portrait. 

Other reveals in Dior include a magnificent red patent Lady Dior from smudleybear, and momkeymomo’s incredible collection thread. Diorissimo fans will love this reveal fromhightea_xx, a classic bag with a surprise on the inside! There are so many reveals (like this one) on page one of Dior this week – we know you will enjoy your visit and hope to see you there!

Mulberry Bags

In Mulberry, Donna.west44 has been switching up her collection, and this delightful pair of bags is the result. Handbagaholic has been busy online, and shared several new Mulberry items in her reveal thread. Scrapsy returned a bag from another brand and came home with a Mulberry that makes her heart sing, which is how it should be when making a significant handbag purchase.

Selling bags no longer in your frequent rotation is a great way to fund new purchases, and if you are considering either buying or selling a bag (or two), please visit our eBay subforum for help with online auctions, or our Shopping Resources threads to find bargains, shopping tips and sales.

Thank you so much for stopping by for this week’s edition of the Roundup! We love sharing our PurseForum conversations with you and hope that you enjoy them just as much as we enjoy sharing them. We want to wish our members in the USA a safe and happy 4th of July, and please remember to ensure your pets are safe as well, July 4 is a tough day for them. And for everyone else, have a great weekend and week ahead!

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