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Sometimes I know a bag is great from stock images, but usually I need to see a piece in person to really know whether or not I connect with it. After all, stock images can be deceiving in both good and bad ways–well-taken images can make an average bag look luxurious, and poorly taken images can make a gorgeous piece of craftsmanship look average, and maybe even cheap. In person, though, all is revealed.

While helping my best friend look for the perfect non-traditional wedding look last weekend, I found myself in the handbag section of Barneys, as one does. She and I have similar taste in bags (for example, on this particular day, we were both carrying medium-size burgundy top handle bags with crossbody straps), and our attention turned to the Céline Sangle Shoulder Bag. She had considered getting one when she bought her last bag, and although I’ve always liked the bag in photos, this was my first experience with it in person. I was impressed.

The new version of the Sangle is particularly good because of its versatility: the bag comes with both the wide, short webbed wool strap the bag has always had, which is perfect for one-shoulder carry and distributes weight well–ideal for a sizable work bag. Starting this season, some versions also come with a thinner, longer crossbody strap in leather, which amplifies the already super-functional bag’s versatility and opens it up to consumers interested in a slightly more casual option on the weekends.

In all, the Sangle is a perfectly discreet work bag that looks expensive and luxurious but doesn’t scream a particular designer’s name at the top of its lungs, and the ample size, multiple interior and exterior pockets and interchangeable straps make it a solid choice for anyone looking for a good bag to take to the office. I didn’t have one on hand to try it, but I bet it would even fit a small laptop.

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Espadrilles are the perfect shoes and they’re hot right now. They are comfortable, easy-to-wear and most importantly – fashionable. There are plenty of Espadrilles available, but have you checked the Celine Babouche Espadrilles?

These shoes are the typical Celine version of Espadrilles, let us explain why…

Actually, it’s quite obvious; the only high fashion brand that creates the V-Neck design on shoes is Celine, just take a look at the top.

Now let’s us explain the name ‘Babouche’, you see, Babouche is a slipper style that’s originally from Marocco. The idea is a pair of slippers that lacks a heel or quarters. Babouche is also a French word for slippers.

As for the details, these Celine Espadrilles are made from lambskin, a super soft leather that feels luxurious. And here are the details you need to know:

Celine Babouche Espadrilles
Style code: 320893NSPC
Prices: $660 USD, €470 euro, £440 GBP, $5200 HKD, $920 SGD, ¥77000 JPY

So would you purchase a pair?



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Céline Holiday 2017 Collection

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It’s nothing you haven’t seen from Céline before, but with the holidays just around the corner, the last thing you want is to get the wrong present come Christmas day. In other words, to help your better half shop better (or in this case, shop correctly), might I present some luxe leather goodies from the French luxury house you can a) screencap and ‘accidentally’ send a WhatsApp along, b) leave your phone browser on this post so it might get spotted or c) just email the entire damn post and just say what you want. Whichever works best for you, really.

So without further ado, here goes. First up, we’ve got the beloved Luggagein its most adorable size thus far, in Nano (shown above). Priced atSGD3900 for this one in creamy Satin leather, it’s also pretty special because it comes with a debossed pattern that shows up only because of the way it is stitched.


Next up, there’s the Tri-Fold, which I’ve covered here before. Functional, well-thought out on the inside and in a good size that’s perfect for the modern working woman, this could be yours for just SGD4200, not a bad price for something you can use most every day at work, if you ask me.


Like the Tri-Fold but want something smaller for casual days out? Then check out the Tri-Fold Clutch (SGD2800), which basically has the same shape as the former but made without its pair of top handles. In its place you find a sling, or in the case of this particular style, a metal chain.


But if you prefer a clutch that’s more structured when it comes to the shape, there’s this, the Frame Clutch that also comes with a metal chain sling. Priced at just SGD1800, it’s made of lambskin leather in a Black/White combo that’s pretty sharp. And easy to match too, especially if your wardrobe is mainly in monochrome hues.


Last but by no means least, my own favourite of late, the Trotteur. In a half-moon shape that’s suddenly all the rage (yes, Phoebe Philo did it first), this one, in Small, is also the cutest. And besides only retailing for just SGD2400, it is also a classic-in-the-making that comes in many other colours as well. In other words, yes. 

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Celine December Selection 2017 Lookbook

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Celine has recently released a lookbook for their December Selection. The collection includes handbags, ready-to-wear items, accessories and shoes. The items featured in the lookbook are perfect as presents for a special someone or even for yourself. These pieces are from the brand’s Spring 2017 Collection, including new bag styles such as the Frame Shoulder Bag and Biker Bag.



Celine Micro Debossed Luggage Bag $3,400.00 (USD)
Celine Piping Small Trapeze Bag $2,800.00 (USD)
Celine Nano Debossed Luggage Bag $3,050.00 (USD)
Celine Textile and Smooth Calfskin Mini Belt Bag $2,200.00 (USD)
Celine Smooth Calfskin Sangle Shoulder Bag $2,400.00 (USD)
Celine Medium Cabas Phantom Bag $2,350.00 (USD)



Celine Small Tri-fold Shoulder Bag $2,900.00 (USD)
Celine Clutch On Chain Tri-fold Shoulder Bag $2,200.00 (USD)
Celine Frame Evening Clutch On Chain Bag $1,400.00 (USD)
Celine Small Trotteur Shoulder Bag $2,200.00 (USD)
Celine Small Twisted Cabas Bag $2,200.00 (USD)



Celine Natural Calfskin Sangle Shoulder Bag $2,900.00 (USD)
Celine Medium Classic Box Shoulder Bag $4,350.00 (USD)
Celine Medium Case Biker Shoulder Bag $2,700.00 (USD)
Celine Compact Trotteur Shoulder Bag $2,200.00 (USD)
Celine Piping Round Purse $620.00 (USD)
Celine Pocket Trifolded Multifunction $840.00 (USD)



Celine Medium Frame Shoulder Bag $2,700.00 (USD)
Celine Printed Roses Short Sleeves Shirt $1,100.00 (USD)
Celine Medium Classic Box Shoulder Bag $4,350.00 (USD)
Celine Cotton Faille Trench Coat $2,050.00 (USD)
Celine Gold Brass Dot Hoop Earrings $410.00 (USD)
Celine Mink Reversible Coat $27,900.00 (USD)
Celine Cashmere Parka $6,200.00 (USD)
Celine Wool Crew Neck Sweater $1,350.00 (USD)
Celine Toy Small Dinosaur Earrings $680.00 (USD)



Celine Long Sleeves Dress $2,050.00 (USD)
Celine Woven Check Moccasin $1,100.00 (USD)
Celine Jersey Oversize Shirt $760.00 (USD)
Celine Flower Painted Shirt $1,450.00 (USD)
Celine Diane Sunglasses $415.00 (USD)
Celine Chris Sunglasses $455.00 (USD)
Celine Thin Shadow Sunglasses $405.00 (USD)



Celine Coin XXL Bracelet $660.00 (USD)
Celine Coin Square Bracelet $510.00 (USD)
Celine Gold Brass Classic Cuff $1,100.00 (USD)
Celine Gold Brass Squares Necklace $1,100.00 (USD)
Celine Gold Brass Squares Cube Earrings $560.00 (USD)
Celine Silver Brass Toy Elephant Necklace $470.00 (USD)
Celine Gold Brass Dot Triple Long Earrings $530.00 (USD)



Celine Soft Pump Hight Throat Pump $910.00 (USD)
Celine Soft Ballerina Slingback Pump $820.00 (USD)
Celine Soft Ballerina Flat Slingback $730.00 (USD)
Celine Soft Moccasin Studded Loafer $960.00 (USD)
Celine Espadrille Pointy Slipper $630.00 (USD)

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Following up on the Spring 2017 Collection, which will be released very soon, here’s the Celine Spring 2017 Ad Campaign.

Guess what the main topic will be of the Celine Spring 2017 Collection. It’s our favorite Celine Luggage Bags. You have to know that for the new line, plenty of Luggage Bags have been introduced, there are too many to choose.

The ad campaign also emphasizes on the Celine Frame Bag, which is made from strong calfskin leather. This is bag is crafted in bi-colors and there is also a smaller version available, the Wallet On Chain edition.


Now back to the Celine Luggage Bag. An unusual mix of colors that caught our attention is the Micro Luggage Bag in white, but refined with Magenta lines to highlight the important part of the bag. It comes with piping and is available in micro size as well.

For those that are interested, we’ve got a full page with all the prices included. You can find them here:Celine Spring 2017 Classic Bag Collection.








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Celine Trotteur Large Flap Multifunction Wallet in Lizard
Style code: 107854APO.38NO
Price: $1850 USD, €1300 euro, £1200 GBP, $2400 SGD, $14500 HKD, ¥200000 JPY

The Celine Trotteur Bag is released not so long ago, but it has already caught the fire. Celine is heavily promoting this style – reintroducing it in every new season.

So there must be a reason why Celine is working hard to move the Trotteur Bag to the top and become the brand’s next darling. It’s because the Celine Trotteur Bag is well received by the fashion world. And just take a good look at it, a beauty right?

Celine started with the small bag, then slowly move to the medium size. Next, they introduced the bi-colors in the previous season and now the Celine Trotteur Collection includes these flap wallets.

Now let’s talk about the flap wallets, first of all the Trotteur’s signature lock are crafted in the center. The wallets are made with a beautiful curvy flap.

The majority of the Trotteur Wallets are made from calfskin, but there are also options to choose exotic leathers like Lizard. So for those that are interested, here are the other details:


Celine Trotteur Large Flap Multifunction Wallet in Natural Calfskin
Style code: 107853APM.02PD
Price: $1000 USD, €680 euro, £630 GBP, $1300 SGD, $7900 HKD, ¥105000 JPY


Celine Trotteur Large Flap Multifunction Wallet in Grained Calfskin
Style code: 107853APM.38NO
Price: $960 USD, €650 euro, £600 GBP, $1250 SGD, $7500 HKD, ¥100000 JPY


Celine Trotteur Large Flap Multifunction Wallet in Grained Calfskin
Style code: 107853APM.02PD
Price: $960 USD, €650 euro, £600 GBP, $1250 SGD, $7500 HKD, ¥100000 JPY

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