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Introducing the Chloe Indy Bag. The Indy bag is one of Chloe’s latest designs from the Spring/Summer 2016 Collection. There are two styles available, the Camera Bag and Shoulder Bag which comes in two sizes, Small and Medium. The Camera Bag has a zipped top and a push lock fastening front pocket. The interior is made of suede and has a slot pocket, and another back pocket. The bag has a removable shoulder strap. The Shoulder Bag has a top handle and includes a leather shoulder strap. It has a flap front with a push-clasp fastening. It also has a suede interior with a zipped pocket.

Style, Price & Size




Chloe Croc Embossed Indy Medium Shoulder Bag $2,450.00 (USD) 8.25” H x 12” W x 6” D
Chloe Indy Small Shoulder Bag $1,990.00 (USD) 7” H x 10” W x 5” D
Chloe Indy Camera Bag $1,750.00 (USD) 6.5” H x 8” W x 4.5” D

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We’re going crazy over Chloe’s Small Indy Camera Bag, a nifty, highly functional piece that’s sure to add a dash of rugged-chic to any outfit. This genuine suede beauty is totally one of the most versatile pieces you could every own, we guarantee! Since it comes in an earth-toned neutral, expect it to blend well with most colors…even have it add a pop of color to the most subdued ensembles you may have.

Measuring 8” x 6.5” x 4.5” inches, this piece ain’t just your typical shoulder – it has an adjustable and detachable strap that’s made for multiple looks! It has an interior pocket, back pocket and an exterior front flap pocket with metal hook closure – yes, it’s all in there! We know how you feel – for such a small bag, it has lots to offer!

You can get your very own Chloe Small Indy Camera Bag for $1,750 USD or €1,651.80 EUR via Forward by Elyse Walker.





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Replica Handbag Review: Gucci Indy

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It has been on my mind for a while to write a review about the Replica Gucci Indy but you know how it is, there is always something that comes first and I forgot about it. Today its time came and I am going to share with you my opinion about this beautiful bag.

gucci indy

The first thing I noticed about the Gucci Indy is the leather. Good quality leather makes the difference between bad and good replicas. The best leather is found in Italy, but the replica manufacturers don’t buy it from there cause it is too expensive and replicas have to keep a low price otherwise they won’t have customers anymore. So the manufacturers have to find good quality leather that doesn’t cost a fortune. Most of them get what they find, but some of them, the ones that care about how their bags look and feel like search for good quality leather and sometimes they really find it. The Gucci Indy replica bag I am reviewing today looks and feels like the original bag. It has the same color, it is smooth and you actually cannot tell the difference between this one and the original Gucci Indy.

Very important for a bag is the hardware. It is very easy to spot a Gucci Indy replica purse because most of them don’t have the same hardware like the genuine ones. I was amazed about how much this bag resembles to the original one. The hardware is so nicely polished that you can swear it is genuine.

My Gucci Indy fake bag is an 18.5 inches one but you can also find it smaller, the mini-Indy. It is pretty diverse; it comes in black leather, suede, green crocodile, python or even fur. The tassels have little bamboo bead details that give the bag a unique appearance. For more authenticity this bag has the serial numbers embossed on a leather flap inside the purse. Some of the replicas Gucci Indy have this serial number stamped on the leather and this is not good, everybody will be able to tell your bag is a fake, but this one has it embossed exactly like the original one. The stitching is good too. There are no spaces between it and it is even.

I can assure you that if you’ll buy this Gucci Indy replica bag you’ll turn a lot of heads around. This replica Gucci Indy is very easy to wear, it comfortable and suitable to any occasion. There is enough space in it carry all your necessary daily stuff and it beautiful enough to wear it every day.

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